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For a detailed description of Rust Freeze, please watch the video below by clicking the link.

Rust Freeze

Machinist Mate Rust Freeze has been field tested under the harshest of conditions and after more than 26 months of constant spray abuse in a highly corrosive environment with a PH of 1.5, Machinist Mate Rust Inhibitor was still protecting with no signs of failure or corrosion!

Rust Freeze is different from any other rust inhibitor because it can reach places that no other rust inhibitor can. Rust Freeze has the consistency of water and it loves corrosion! Because Rust Freeze is so thin it will seep into small places such as folded seams on sheet metal, overlaps that are spot welded, areas behind braces and inside tunnels and tubes. In fact Rust Freeze loves rust and corrosion so much it will “creep” its way through corrosion seeking it out sometimes traveling several inches into the corrosion on its own.



Rust Freeze penetrates deep into the metal. On bare metal or heavily corroded aluminum or steel Rust Freeze will encapsulate the corrosion and then penetrate up to 2 mill into the base metal matrix, locking out air and preventing corrosion

Rust Freeze provides unparalleled corrosion protection on clean bare metal or corroded surfaces equally well! Even heavily corroded surfaces are protected simply by applying Machinists Mate Rust Freeze directly over the rusted/corroded surface, no need to grind the rust off! Rust Freeze will penetrate deep, encasing the corrosion all the way to the base metal surface sealing the entire surface and penetrate up to 2 mils into the grain of the base metal.

Rust Freeze is a binary (two part) system. When Part A and B are mixed together Rust Freeze has the consistency water. Rust Freeze is easy to apply, simply brush, roll, wipe, dip or spray on.

Rust Freeze prevents corrosion by preventing the metal from coming in contact with air or other corrosive elements. 

A small amount of Machinist Mate Rust freeze will go a very long way. Coverage is up to 2000 square feet per gallon of Rust Freeze! 8 ounces will cover up to 125 square feet of clean smooth non rusted steel!  Do not apply Rust Freeze thick, less is better then more!  Apply Rust Freeze using two coats as thin as possible. 

Rust Freeze cures very slowly.  In ambient temps of 80+ degrees F. Rust Freeze will take approximately 14 days to cure fully.  To shorten the cure time you can heat the product after application to 20 degrees F. Rust Freeze will cure in a matter of a few hours when heated properly.  An alternate way to speed up the curing process place the coated parts in an old abandoned vehicle left to sit in the hot sun or the back of a truck with a Shell/Cap on it.  (NOTE:  Rust Freeze will leave a strong smell in a vehicle).  The high temps inside the vehicle will dramatically reduce the cure time to two or three days.  An alternate way to speed up curing to a few days is to place plastic over the treated area while exposing the area to the hot sun, make sure the plastic cannot contact the treated surface. 

NOTE:  Rust Freeze can be washed off with water while still in the curing process.  Ensure the area being treated is protected from rain, dew, washing, or other events of moisture while curing.

Some uses for Rust Freeze are:  Automotive, aircraft, truck, boat, ship, construction, bridge, structural steel, pier maintenance, rebar or other steel exposed in concrete, etc.

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